How to Pack For SUMMER Vacation?

How to Pack For SUMMER Vacation?

July 23, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Maybe seems so easy to pack your suitcase before traveling, but it might be hard. We add so many things that we even don’t need in the place where we go and suddenly there is no space for other stuff we really need. Actually, we need to pack our suitcase smartly, to save space and take JUST those things we will use there.

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Here are few ideas of places to visit and have the best vacation in your life.

To make your packing easy, we will share the checklist about which things you will really need on the destination where you will go. Stay with us and learn useful information with our post:

Hats + sunglasses + flip flops

The most needed thing on the beach is hats and sunglasses. You will need it to protect yourself and your face in a period when the sun is so high and you are laying on the beach. Also, you will need to flip flops for the beach time. We suddenly fall asleep here so it might be hard to keep your skin healthy without this.

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Socks and sweater

Even if you though that you won’t this in the summertime, actually you will need this. Because nights are cold and long so you will need socks that will keep you warm. If you are traveling with your kids, take a sweater for them and new socks.

Sunscreen + face mask

Unfortunately, this year was a year with a virus around us, so also we need to take face mask and wear it on the beach. This depends on which beach we will go, if there are many people, we should wear it. Also, take sunscreen and apply to your face to protect your face skin from the sun.

Eye drops and pills

Don’t forget to take eye drops and pills in case to need it. Why to wear it? Because maybe there will be not pharmacy in near place so you can’t buy it. Or, maybe you wont know their language, in case you are traveling outside of the country.

Few clothes to pack and bikini suit

Take a few clothes, just a few shirts, and short pants. The weather is hot so you can wash the clothes and dry them and again wear the same clothes. Don’t forget to take the most important thing – your bikini suit.

Avoid taking shampoo, kitchen tools, detergent for laundry because you can buy these things form there. In case to take it, your suitcase will be full and there will be no place for your clothes.