How To Look Glam At The Workplace Wearing Velvet

How To Look Glam At The Workplace Wearing Velvet

October 13, 2018 Off By Helen Olsson

The wonderfully luxurious velvet fabric is both for casual occasions and also for the workplace. Yes, it looks good at office too. You just have to know how to wear it to work. This amazing fabric made a huge comeback last fall, and this time too, it’s likely to rule. In 2017, we saw Nomia, Frame, Saint Laurent and others give us some wonderful creations. Velvet just got more contemporary. We don’t just see smoking jackets and velvet robes anymore. There is a lot more out there.

There was a time when most people used to wear velvet only in the evening or the night time. Not anymore! And if the air conditioning is working, then the office could be a very good place to wear your velvet dresses.

So here is a weeklong schedule for wearing your favorite velvet dresses at work. With this, you will get an idea for every day of the week.

Wearing Velvet On Monday

Why not suit up and be professional on the first day of the working week? A sharp and sleek blue velvet suit is always going to look good. You will look professional in it. Plus, it will also be apt for the workplace. You can even mix other materials, such as metals and leather that will complement your look.

Wearing Velvet On Tuesday

Next day of the week, focus on accessories. Wear velvet boots to work. You can build the rest of the outfit around your footwear. Go for complementing colors, such as pink, orange, and even black. Leather goes very well with velvet, so you can a skirt like you see in this photo. You are sure to be a head-turner in such an outfit.

Wearing Velvet On Wednesday

It is already the middle of the week, so it’s time to have some fun. Wear a full head-to-toe velvet outfit. Even the footwear you choose to wear to the workplace can be made of velvet. You may want to wear one shade, or at least close colors. You can also work with complementary hues, or earthly shades. Look here to find some of the finest velvet fabric from top manufacturers.

Wearing Velvet On Thursday

If you are not comfortable with an all-over-outfit, or if the full velvet dress is impractical for your weather, then you can focus on your bags or shoes. The luxurious fabric will then shine on your accessories. This will be a good option, as you will be adding details and texture to your overall outfit. See how good she is looking with her velvet boots, bag and her chic outfit.

Wearing Velvet On Friday

It is time to dress casual on the last day of the work week. After all, hey, it is casual Friday. Wear a cool skirt and t-shirt, but with your velvet busboy cap. Of course, you can wear another type of velvet cap as well with your t-shirt and skirt. You can also carry a drawstring bag too for convenience.