How to Clean a Hot Towel Cabinet the Best Way

How to Clean a Hot Towel Cabinet the Best Way

March 10, 2020 Off By Helen Olsson

A hot towel can be a delightful way to relax and feel rejuvenated. And this effect is why many spas, salons, and hotels provide lots of hot towels. And for homebodies looking to feel fresh, you can easily find a hot towel cabinet for your home too, so you’ll always have a hot towel whenever you want.

While these towel warming appliances are nice, they are like any other gadget – they need a good cleaning. Regardless of it being for professional or home use, your hot towel cabinet will need to be disinfected thoroughly.

Don’t worry, these appliances are far simpler than they seem when it comes to the upkeep! 

Why You Need to Keep Your Hot Towel Cabinet Clean
Hot towel cabinets serve one basic function, they heat a wet or dry towel. Hot towels can also be covered in oils or scents depending on what they are being used for. This can often result in the cabinet having a build-up in both moisture and grime.

But that sludge is not all you’ll need to worry about. Wherever there is heat, moisture, and darkness can also mean a breeding ground for unwelcome growth of mold, mildew or worse. To keep your lovely hot towel cabinet working longer, make sure to work in a solid daily cleaning.
And since we’re on that note, let’s check out what cleaning supplies you’ll need. 

Supplies for Cleaning a Hot Towel Cabinet

Before you start cleaning out the towel warmer, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. Since the appliance is meant to get hot, you’ll need to refrain from using harsh chemicals on the hot towel cabinet.

And with this in mind, here are the items you’ll need for a speedy cabinet cleaning:

Once you have gathered all the supplies you’ll need, you can now move on to using these 8 steps for getting a hot towel clean quickly. 

8 Easy Steps for Cleaning Your Hot Towel Cabinet

With your rag and soap in hand, you can now get to the main event – cleaning out the hot towel cabinet. While it may seem tedious to clean daily, a hot towel cabinet is one of the easier appliances to maintain. To help simplify the cleaning process, just follow these 8 steps and you’ll be done in no time!

1. Turn off the appliance and empty the hot towel warmer

Turn off the machine and wait for it to cool completely before you start cleaning. After the cabinet is cool, you can begin removing the old towels, racks, and trays. Removing the trays and racks will help you prevent any potential growth of mold or mildew. 

2. Wipe all surfaces inside the hot towel cabinet

As you remove the tray and racks, wipe them down thoroughly with a clean wet cloth. Set each clean part aside and continue cleaning the interior of the hot towel cabinet. Avoid using harsh soaps when cleaning the inside of the cabinet as this can affect the towels and the device when in use later.

3. Clean the rubber gasket on the towel cabinet’s door

With the interior clean, it is now time to move on to the gasket. The gasket is the rubber material that lines the cabinet’s door. To clean this properly, you’ll need to pull the gasket gently forward and wipe around it. For the best results, use a damp cloth and get in between the crevices to ensure no mold is growing. Try not to pull too hard on the gasket as this can damage it.

4. Empty the towel warmer’s drip tray

Not all models of towel warmer will have a drip tray. If your hot towel cabinet does have a drip tray, it will need to be removed and drained between uses. This is because water naturally builds up in the drip tray and is why you’ll need to remove it frequently. Removing the tray prevents mildew, mold, and dirt from building up in the towel cabinet. 

5. Clean the drip tray and let it air dry

You’ll need to use soap, water, and a clean cloth to wipe down the drip tray. Check the tray thoroughly to make sure no mold, mildew is growing on it. You’ll also want to look for any cracks in the tray as well. After the tray is clean and no cracks are found, place the tray away to air dry completely.

6. Clean the exterior sides of the hot towel cabinet

While you wait for everything to dry on the inside, you can now begin cleaning off the outside. Dust, dirt, and other goop can build up on the surface of the appliance over time. Using a clean damp cloth, wipe along all sides of the cabinet including the front side of the door.

7. Return the drip tray and racks into the towel warmer

With everything clean and dry, you can begin placing the drip tray back into the hot towel cabinet. After the drip tray is in place, reinsert the racks back inside the hot towel cabinet. After all the parts are in place, take another clean dry cloth and do a final wipe down. This ensures there isn’t any remaining moisture before you use the cabinet again.

8. Add fresh towels into the warm towel cabinet

Before you start adding new towels into the cabinet, check to make sure the hot towel cabinet’s heating element is still working properly. After you finish checking the cabinet and are sure that everything is squeaky clean, you can now restock the cabinet and start heating your towels.

Cleaning your towel cabinet doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. After all, daily cleaning keeps your hot towels looking and feeling fresh. This is why we hope these 8 easy steps and tips help you get your hot towel cabinet up and running in no time with fresh towels too.