Home Decoration With Large Wall Art

Home Decoration With Large Wall Art

November 25, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

It would be stupid to leave house walls empty and blank when you can take for the decor and to apply large walls art. Most of the people love the idea of creating a gallery wall at some of their house walls, the others love the idea of adding wooden screens on full walls. In the following, we will give you all the possible ideas about wall decoration and with that to inspire you for sure and you can decide which of the following designs you will apply to your house walls. Consult with your friends and partner and together bring the best decision of your house design.

Large wall art ideas

In the first photo, we can see a wooden screen on the full wall and in the middle is added one large photo frame which makes the interesting design for one living room place. In the other photo, we can see wood pieces wall decor and also a picture frame in the middle but this time the decor is for the bedroom wall. And in the last photo of this college are two identical picture frames for living room wall decor which makes one incredible decoration.

Large wall art mirror on living room walls

Another excelent idea about creating a wall art is to add a mirror on the full wall of a living room place. If you want to find more ideas about how to add a mirror on the walls, follow this link that will take you to our post about the most amazing way of adding a mirror on house walls.

High ceiling wall art ideas

Well, also you can have wall art on the high ceiling wall and in the same way to have it large on the living room wall. With this, your house will have perfect design worth copying. Take a look in this photo which is an example of a modern house design.

wall art

Photo via www.homedit.com

Large abstract geometric wall art

Another cool way to decorate the house walls of every room of your house is to add geometric shapes pieces for your walls and to enjoy in the decoration. Find inspiration in this photo and amaze yourself.

The latest colour trend for this year,2018

Okay, maybe this is not so large wall art but however looks nice. Hang one small picture on the walls of the living room and choose the best colour, blue, which is the trend for this year, 2018 and the next year, 2019. Take a glimpse in this photo below and think about adding the same colour in your house.

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