Smart Tips About How to Use Lemon for Home Cleaning

Smart Tips About How to Use Lemon for Home Cleaning

August 19, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

Lemon is the best antioxidants that have loads of health benefits. A tropical fruit that is full of vitamins and minerals, also help us when we are sick. But, do you know that lemon can be used for home cleaning? What can we clean with a half of a lemon? By using a HALF OF A LEMON we can clean every part of the house. Our bathroom and living room, our kitchen units and our bedroom. Clean everywhere, it’s inexpensive. Although, you can clean your driving car by using lemon.

A homemade lemon-scented cleaner is what you need for a clean and shiny home. You can combine vinegar, lemon and baking soda for the best cleaning in your house. Don’t drink the LEMON JUICE use it for natural home cleaning! Read these smart tips about how to use lemons for home cleaning.


Home cleaning: Bathroom cleaning with lemon

To have a clean bathroom is very important for us to keep the hygiene. We want to enjoy to see our clean bathroom every possible day. Remove hard water stains in a bathroom sink. Follow the link below this image and find out how.

bathroom cleaning with lemon

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Home cleaning: Kitchen cleaning with lemon, vinegar and soda

Kitchen hygiene is very important to be healthy. This is of the highest importance for those who have kids. They simply clean the house every day. But using preparation for cleaning can be unhealthy for you. That’s why you need to clean this place in a natural way. Lemon juice is your best friend. It has two usages, for eating or for cleaning. Clean the by a combination of using lemon, vinegar and soda. This homemade chemical-free cleaner can help you to clean a microwave, a kitchen sink, cutter boards, drawers, saucepans, etc.

The process of cleaning microwave is simple and easy. Use one bowl full with water. Add lemon cut in half in the bowl and add this in a microwave. Wait for the result and see how shiny your microwave is.

Remove stains from pots by using a lemon

Clean pots of stains in a natural way. Use lemon and scrab.

Car cleaning: Wash your car with a lemon

Do you know that you can clean your car by using lemon? YES, you can do this in a natural, chemical-free way. If you have olive oil and lemon juice at home start with the car washing. Spray of this mix on your car and sweep out with a newspaper. Do this for the inside of the car and wash the surface of the car. Now, you have a clean car! Use this technique for your car and make it to shine.

car washing

These are all tips and techniques about how to clean the house with lemon, soda and vinegar. I found interesting all these tips. Be smart and do this if you have these ingredients in your home. Plase also checks lifestyle habits that will help you to lose weight.