Hats and Caps that will be a hit this season

Hats and Caps that will be a hit this season

April 20, 2014 Off By David Bankston

Most women are skeptical when it comes to fashion in the cold season and snowy days , but if you are still in doubt about the model , do not easily give up the pleasure to get to know the models that this season will be a real hit. These are the hats and caps that will surely be a hit for this season.


Trilby hat

Although a male model from the 30’s, however today is the modern hit. It is a sleek model, and stands equally well to all women and men.

Especially important is which angle will wear, and those over 35 years are better when standing aslant. This model hat turned backwards gives youthful appearance, and must be careful to match the size of the shape of the face.
Winter hats

Model that is very easy to carry, but there is only one rule that should be followed, and it is not a black version because the black color reminiscent of French artists.

As a fashionable and fun fashion model is practical detail that is best to wear bright colors and excellent standing in combination with everyday clothes. It is recommended to wear a hair released because the collected gives serious look and make you older.
Pot Cloche hat

Its shape resembles a bell, but this season will be a real fashion hit. The best stands are those with finer structure and delicate facial features. Excellent responses in combination with a coat or suit .This model of hat is Victoria Beckham favorite.
Fur cap

Great fur hats suited for senior women, in combination with coat and high heels. Besides emphasize natural -looking skin tones and excellent hide wrinkles, you will be in love with this cap. Angelina Jolie and Kate Middleton love wearing winter fur.
Knitted hats

In addition to being practical and warm, wicker hat is attractive and sexy. Ideally, they stand for all women, but those with a round face should choose narrower models. Unless you can combine daily outings, great fit and evening. Elizabeth Taylor was often seen with this model of hat, also Kylie Minogue love so much this kind of hats.
Fedora hat

Although resembles Trilby, yet has a wider edge, a  Pippa Middleton can usually be seen with this model. Fit in combination with jeans, but does not match with skirts and dresses.

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