Floating Bed Designs That Are Too Fabulous to Miss

Floating Bed Designs That Are Too Fabulous to Miss

November 23, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

We are fascinated by pieces of furniture that are unusual and unique. Floating bed or call it to swing bed if you want, are a need for balcony and terrace place, or even for a bedroom or living room place. This kind of bed we can use for sleeping on it, for resting, for reading a book, or just for lazy days when we just scroll on our phones all day. What I love the most is that we can easily clean the floor without any effort.

You can add this bed on the terrace or balcony, on the porch place or if you want you can add it to an indoor place. the choice is always ours and we are here to give you the ideas and to inspire you for sure! And now, take a look in our list of floating bed designs that are too fabulous and you shouldn’t miss at all!

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Fabulous floating bed for terraces

WOW! This is an amazing floating swing bed for our terrace place. Look at this amazing combination of bed and also large chandelier with candles. I would love to have this piece of furniture and two flower pots on both sides with green plants, as part of my home decor.

Fascinating bedroom swing chair

If you don’t have a place for adding a swing bed, simply add swing chair and enjoy in the design. Spend here great time and read your favourite book, warm yourself while outdoor the temperatures are cold.

Hammock for an outdoor place

Also, we need a hammock in an outdoor place that we can use for resting during the hot summer days. This hammock is excellent for every age, for kids and adults. The years aren’t so important as you have this adorable hammock in your garden place.

Porch swing bed

And here we have again swing bed in the front porch of the house. This is one example of how our porch can look and answers the question of why we should save money and buy this bed.

Wooden swing bed and ropes

Wait for your child after school on a bed like this placed on the porch place, wait for your partner when coming after work, or simply read some book here in your free time. Improve yourself that wood and ropes are always a good combination that we can combine just to create one modern porch place.

Beautiful hanging bed for an indoor place

I hope that you really get fascinated by these bed designs that float in the air. To end this post, I’ve chosen this swing bed as a part of an indoor place. In my own opinion, this bed can be added in every room of the house, so we can easily clean the floor and to relax while swinging on the bed.

indoor hanging bed

Photo via www.decoist.com