Five Hazards Of Social Media For Teens

Five Hazards Of Social Media For Teens

May 7, 2019 Off By Helen Olsson

Teenage is the age when the young adolescent who was until now dependent on her/his parents for permission approval for a birthday party, is now turning into an adult slowly and gradually. What he thinks about adulthood is just independence and just independence.

Teenage is the period when a person wants to feel boundless and explore the world without any limitations. Considering the teenagers of today, they are more inclined towards the internet and friendship. It is the foolish period if life when a young boy or girl thinks as if internet shoulder to rely on in all circumstances and friends are the only loyal pals.

Research suggests that the sheer involvement of social media in teenager’s life is imposing several side effects. Children in this age are courageous, anxious, and excited to experience whatever gets in hand. Relating to social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram, tinder, youtube, teenagers using these applications are more likely to hit boundaries and take risks.

Dangers of social media for teens

Evaluating the side effects of social media, it has been found that it endangers the young generation primarily affecting the people between the ages of 13 to 19 in disgusting ways. Teenagers are on stake due to brutal acts of cyberbullying, online predators, and most importantly sexting.

The phenomena are rising at a rapid pace due to the fact these topics are undertaken. They are hidden as a secret. However, they must be discussed to educate our upcoming generation about not setting their lives on stake by themselves.

The lack of attention has deepened the roots and spread the germs to more than you think!


Social media has grown the seed of comparison between people. Intentionally or unintentionally, it lets youngsters compare themselves to others around. For instance, they try to post pictures and videos on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. showing as if they are doing better in life than others in their newsfeed. They are more inclined towards fostering fantasy instead of focusing on their lives and working on long-term goals to benefit them in the future.

Partying pictures

Youngsters nowadays are more excited about capturing images instead of enjoying real moments. The only purpose behind taking hundreds of photos is not that they are stacking the moments in it. Instead, they want to post them on social media platforms for gaining attention from friends and family. They want to show the world that yes, they’re doing better in life a living it to the fullest.

Teenagers doing so should only be deemed to ask the following three questions.

1.    Can someone from your enemy list use it against you?

2.    Will your future boss or school principal be okay with it?

3.    Will your parents and grandparents be okay with it?

At the moment, they are not recognizing the fact that how these ordinary photographs are going to affect them adversely in the future. This is because they are only concerned with the attention they are grabbing TODAY!

Provocative/over-sexualized clothing

Teenage girls think that it is comfortable and cool to grab people’s attention by posting pictures in over sexualized clothes. They use it as a source to be in the limelight and even to manipulate. They lack maturity and so they do this.

Public Shaming

Public shaming is a phenomenon that involves humiliating others due to any foolish or wrong act to make fun of him. This problem tends to attack not only teenagers but the people of all ages. However, teenagers who are just eager to be cool and famous are seen to walk with the crowd. They do this without even realizing that what the apparent and unseen consequences of their actions are.

Now teenagers who are doing this are also the victims. It goes either way. When you pinch someone for something ignorable, you will be caught even on the smallest mistake.

Viral video attempts

Many of the teenagers fantasize those who are the limelight of media. They adore how they are the internet sensations and so desire to become one.

Unfortunately, in such craze to be known widely on the internet, they tend to go some extra miles. In simpler words, they try to do something out of the box. They try extreme experiences. This imposes harmful consequences over their lives. For instance, a 15-year-old may try to ride a bike on one wheel that may center him to death.

Moreover, an 18-year-old may try to post over sexualized images with her boyfriend that may affect her relationships in the long term or else she may lose her virginity.

2018 marked several deaths due to the Kiki challenge. Youngsters tried to do something extraordinary by completing the challenge on the highway. They got hit by a vehicle and died.


Nowadays, when our lives have advanced exponentially. We are too modernized to lie all day long on couches while scrolling the newsfeed. Social media has spoiled us badly. We are now living in an era where lives are more affected by social applications instead of deadly diseases.

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Jasmine Demeester is a psychologist in progress and education blogger at a dissertation writing service UK. She was always concerned about the effects world affairs, or worldly things imposes on our lives. To deal with it, she started studying on the internet about the consequences and problems and also conducted several surveys. She runs a blog where she writes the findings of these surveys to educate people around us.

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