Few Ideas About How to DIY Picture Frames

Few Ideas About How to DIY Picture Frames

July 22, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Even if you often by picture frames, you still have never enough frames for all photos that are so dear to you. Some of the photos you want to show with your friends and all people that come to your home. This is why you should see our DIY picture frames ideas in the following and find some motivation for your free time!

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DIY picture frames – reuse the old books

We all have those books at home that no one reads it but we still keep it at home. Now, is perfect time to give them new life and use it as picture frames. Just make an empty square in the center of the book and here add your photo. See the details in the photo that follows now.

DIY picture frames
Photo via www.decoist.com

Ice cream sticks frames

The second idea is about how to reuse the ice cream sticks for making amazing photo frames. This is the best reason for not throwing away the popsicle sticks abut give it new life!

DIY picture frames
Photo via www.decoist.com

DIY frames with styrofoam

With styrofoam or polystyrene we can make different things. For example, we can make frames to take selfie in it or to make picture frames and here to add our special photos. Now, the frames we can hang on any house wall in interior place.

diy styro foam photo frames
Photo via www.sugarbeecrafts.com

DIY photo frame with tree branches

To make this frame you will need three branches, glue and cardboard. You wont need too much time and effort to make this but you will get one amazing decoration for your home place.

tree branches photo frame
Photo via www.woodporn.cz

Cardboard ring picture frames

This is the last and my favorite idea from the post. the idea is about how to reuse the cardboard rings and here to apply your favorite photos. After making this project you wont have a need for buying any glass photo frames.

Photo via www.diyprojectsforteens.com

Thanks for your time creative friends! I promise you that I will be back with my new project and DIY ideas only for you!