Fashion trends for this season

Fashion trends for this season

April 20, 2014 Off By David Bankston

The change of season, especially in the spring transition often brings with it a change in thinking and questioning of our current wardrobe. Now it is time to replace materials with heavy fabrics intended for the warm months ahead. Spring time, check out the fashion trends for this season.

Today, we will look at five key pieces you need to add to your wardrobe for the warmer months. From timeless to trendy, the list has something for everyone.

Floral print

It is often associated with severe shirts for evening out, but the floral print has a reputation that precedes it. However, remove unnecessary loud floral print pieces you own. A new and modern variant of the shirt with floral print makes a stylish and bold complement to any modern wardrobe man.
Most natural prints are used on everything from pants and shorts down to polo shirts. No matter which piece you choose to wear, it is important to avoid a clash of prints. Combine with classic pieces with light colors. When selecting, choose a piece that manages to turn attention toward you and lift your look.

Contemporary and modern look, try to combine floral print with another spring trend. If you are looking for a discrete version of this print, to achieve a modern and elegant look, choose accessories. Pocket-handkerchief, silk tie or scarf will enrich your look without being forced to endanger your personal style.

 Spring silk scarf


Always has divided opinion on this subject. The scarf sole purpose is to serve as a fashion accessory – unlike the winter version, which has real practical benefits. Spring version used to add a personal signature of the personal style.
This piece emphasizes imagination and extravagance while using the fabric, which you choose. Scarves made of silk are a smart choice.

Spring scarf has the potential to be your trademark this spring and bring sophistication and panache to your combinations. Whether you opt for pants and shirt, leather jacket or shorts and shirt, with a scarf you can mix and fill up your personal style.

Shoes without laces

The trends of shoes recently shifted their attention to running shoes, while the fashion industry put emphasis on retro models. However, this season it is time to consider on shoes without laces.

Fashion brands this spring produced luxury version made of leather, giving it a stylish upgrade that contradicts to the initial design. These stronger and more sophisticated models are perfect for combining
with pants or suits. The options made of canvas are ideal everyday summer shoes and can be combined with everything, jeans and t-shirt or pants with shirt.
The silhouette is practical and fits easily with various models and materials. Choose a model with a bold print or color if you want your everyday clothing to give a cool and unexpected appearance with a great deal of personal style.

White pants

They are brave choice, but also offer an amazing variety of combinations and perfect backdrop offering other color space to shine. Although play an important role along with current trends, white pants have timeless appeal. They have long been a key component in the collections of major brands in the fashion industry.

If you are brave enough to choose for this piece, wear it with a light shirt in subtle colors and leather moccasins with fringed decorative contemporary and classic look, or with a denim shirt and espadrilles for a relaxed look. White color has become crucial in male clothing this season, so if you have not yet purchased a piece in this color, now is the right time.

Easy coat

Inconsistency of spring is well known, and the threat of sudden rain is not rare. Therefore, the right time to choose a raincoat made of lightweight and waterproof material.

This piece combines perfectly with the clothes in the office and the weekend combinations. When it comes to choosing your perfect model, there are two main factors: color and length.
The classic navy blue and cream version is timeless and will play a big role in your wardrobe in the future. The bold blue or rich shades of green and burgundy offer the perfect compromise.
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