Exclusive Bike Wheel Reuses

Exclusive Bike Wheel Reuses

May 5, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

We all have some old bikes in our yard and we simply don’t use it, admit it! Now it’s time to refresh memories of your childhood and give new LIFE to the old bike, especially to the wheels. You can make different bike wheel reuses and some of them we will PRESENT you in this post.

Fancy PVC pipes as flower pots ideas.

Wheel reuses – make a spring wreath for your front door

Firs of all, you can make perfect wreath and hang it on the front door of the house. Combine the wheel with flowers and this is it, you will save money, also to create nice wreath.

 wheel reuses
Photo via www.xeirotexnes-en-drasi.blogspot.com

DIY table for writing homework on it

This is perfect idea to make for your little kids so they can write their homework while you are drinking your afternoon coffee, in the garden place. for the full project about how to make this, follow the link and make the things clear.

wheel table
Photo via www.joiadecasa.com.br

Bike wheel reuses – make a floor lamp in easy way

Bring the light in indoors or for outdoors with this project. Make the lamp with your own hands and for this aim use just wheel. See the idea in the third photo of the post.

bike wheel reuses
Photo via www.sistacafe.com

Make decorative wheel for your house walls

On the house walls you can hang different stuff but also this is one of the best thing to hang here. It’s a wreath and you can just hang it.

Photo via www.balconydecoration.com

Wheel chandelier to bring the light in interior

The last idea is about how to make the best chandelier by using the same material – wheel from your old bike. With little effort and time you can have it. Spend some time to see the last photo and idea from our project today and have fun.

Photo via www.pinvibe.com

This is all we have to share with you today. Have a nice start of the day and try to make some bike wheel reuse in your free time.

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