Epic Interior Design Fails

Epic Interior Design Fails

December 27, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

If you just take a quick look at these photos you will wonder how these interior designers received a degree. When I saw some of these epic interior design fails, I thought that is 1’st April joke. For example, how can a designer design stairs in one direction, how can be a garage so high so a person can’t drive the car into the garage? How can a tiler put the wrong tile and to destroy the mosaic look of bathroom walls of tiles? The answer of all these questions you will find in the photos below!

Take a look in the hereinafter photos and have fun!

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A little mistake with the kitchen drawers

Oops there is a mistake with the kitchen cabinet drawers! When I saw this photo I thought, how can one interior designer make a mistake like this? What about you, is this fun for you?

design fails
Photo via www.1decorate.com

A stairs in one direction, another mistake to the architecture designers

Look at this stairs, how can a designer make a plan for the stairs like this? Is he actually designer with a degree or not? Too many questions but the answer is in the photo below! Epic mistake!

Photo via www.hanibo.com

The wrong terrace place

Why would someone need a terrace in the house where there is actually no door? Look at this silly designed and planned terrace. Fun design for any house!

design fail
Photo via www.funnypictures.me

Sofa mistake

Everything looks great instead of how to connect the pieces of sofa together. This interior designer is thinking about that, hmmm….

wrong sofa
Photo via www.vinepoverite.ru

Glass toilet

I can’t believe to my eyes, is this a glass toilet? But why this? Will any person wish to add this as a part of the bathroom? Probably not.

Photo via www.canadiancontractor.ca

Wrong mosaic tiles

This is a mistake for the bathroom wall that looks auful. Probably the tiler was drunk when he was making this mosaic decoration of tiles. Fun and silly, embarrassing for the profession!

wrong tiles
Photo via www.lolman.ru

Stairs to where? To nowhere?

These stairs are looking great, but where are you going, can you pass the wall? 🙂 Another epic design fail made of interior designer that probably needs to learn more lessons about architecture and design.

Photo via www.blog.miragestudio7.com

Pathway to the garage

In this photo which is the last of this post, you can see a garage that is too high and a pathway that can’t help you at all. How can a person drive a car on a pathway like this? Impossible mission 🙂

Photo via www.seattleautogates.com

I hope that this epic design fails were silly and fun for you. For more interesting designs, keep following our website where you will also see amazing modern interior and outdoor designs where there is no mistake. Stay in a good mood and keep following our website in future!