Check Enticing Dubai Architecture to Ruin Your Heart

Check Enticing Dubai Architecture to Ruin Your Heart

August 28, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

Dubai architecture is striking! The city architecture includes the process of planning, designing and constructing buildings. To be an architect is not an easy job. Maybe these people have a high salary but their effort to create such amazing buildings is enormous. Have you ever wondered about who is responsible for Dubai architecture? A lot of famous architects are coming to Dubai just to make an attractive architecture. This city has the biggest population of 2.1 million people living there!!!

Check enticing Dubai architecture to ruin your heart! You will see the Cayan tower (Burj ar Alab), Burj Khalifa, Dubai opera, indoor rainforest, Aldar headquarter and the Opus building in Dubai (a place that never sleeps).

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Dubai architecture – Cayan Tower

This is the most iconic and the world tallest building. It dates from 1999 and people called Burj ar Alab. The real ”quilty” architect for this masterpiece is Tom Wright of UK architects. In 2013 the name of this building changed as Cayan tower. I will doff my heat to this architect!

Dubai opera

Dubai opera is a modern place with 2000 seats. Emaar Properties is the company that planned this project. This is the very successful company which location is in the Arab Emirates.

Burj Khalifa, 2009

With a total height of 828 m, this might be the tallest building in all world and beyond! Actually, the construction of this tall building started in 2004 but architects needed 5 years more! All this, to complete the exterior in 2009 and one year more to for inauguration! Amazing view!

Here is another great view of the tallest building in Dubai! We must agree that the architecture here is WOW!

The Opus in Dubai

An opus is a place that never sleeps! Planned and constructed by the famous architect, Zaha Hadid. As we can see in this image, these are actually three separate towers that look like one whole tower. Walls are made of curved glass curtains. Look at this miracle of a building – The Opus!

Aldar Headquarter

This is the first circular building in the middle east. Inside the semispherical building, there are passenger and service lifts. And, do not forget, this innovative design is designed by MZ architects.

aldar headqurter

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Indoor rainforest built by Canadian architect

With this project, 3000 animals and plants are hidden and cared. With this architectural solution, this city is known as a Green planet. The indoor rainforest is opened on 1 st of September 2016.

This is the end of the post. What stays to us is to admire on architecture work and effort. We should doff our hats in respect to these wonderful creators! If you want to see something different than urban architecture, check this natural beauty in Europe, Macedonia. Thanks for attention!