Double Design on Your Interior Stairs

Double Design on Your Interior Stairs

May 9, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Good morning friends. Welcome to our amazing post today about how to have double design and have two different styles on your interior stairs. You will;l see how to create seating area here and how to create shelving units and one-half of the stairs to stay to climb on it. But avoid this DECOR MISTAKES if you want your home to look expensive and not CHEAP.

Half stairs – double design

One of the best ideas to expand your home interior decor is this idea. Half the stairs and just double the design here. You can climb up on the first line of the stairs and to sit and enjoy on the other half. Add pillows and cushions and use this space to drink coffee each morning.

interior stairs double design
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Use the space on stairs for shelves

You can use half of the stairs to add here your souvenirs, photo frames and this to be your favorite shelving from your home place. This can be the best bookshelf while the other part to use it as stairs and climb up here.

stairs shelves
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You can have mini terrace on the interior stairs and simple to enjoy in double design

The third idea is amazing again. Imagine having two different styles of interior stairs, one of them to use for climbing on it and the other to use to enjoy there while sitting on the terrace. Take a look in the next photo and here we will put a comma, will end up this post, and will invite you to be with us with another next post also.

double stairs
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This is the end of the post friends and I hope you like it. If you have the same interior stairs at home, you can surely use some of the ideas for the place. Thanks for your time!