DIY Creative Ideas  for your Easter Eggs

DIY Creative Ideas for your Easter Eggs

April 8, 2014 Off By David Bankston

Most people in the world right now are preparing for the Easter, as it is coming for the next couple of weeks. Celebrating the Easter Sunday will not be full of fun without the Easter eggs and the Egg hunt for children.  This eggs will be  hidden and children will find these eggs. To make the eggs more exciting, people put some designs and colors.  Here are some Creative Ideas for your Easter Eggs.

Black and White

This eggs are composed of Silk fabrics that were transferred to the eggs. This idea is very simple to do, so better check out the tutorial for this idea.

Drizzled Eggs

Tutorial at

Tutorial at

This drizzled eggs will surely be an attractive addition to your Easter eggs. Making these are easy and Fun.

 Glittered Eggs

This Idea is one of the very simple in our collection. You just have to prepare the eggs, glue and the glitters. And Ola! you are ready to have fun with this idea. Check out the Full Tutorials.

Waxed Egg

Things needed to make this egg design are just around your house. All you need is eggs, crayons, and eraser of pencil.

Chirping Chicks Eggs


Tutorial at

Tutorial at

This is so cute  and easy to do design. Chick design is one of the favorite design during Easter.   Confetti Dip  Eggs
Tutorial at

Tutorial at

Very easy to make design. You just need confetti, glue and the eggs.

Shabby Chic Easter Eggs

This design uses plastic eggs and wrapped it with  Jute.

Egg Pinatas

This design uses mini eggs, See full tutorial.

Glittery Eggs


Leaf Painted Eggs


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