DIY Bamboo Decor And Beautify The House

DIY Bamboo Decor And Beautify The House

November 6, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

Many times we have seen how bamboo sticks are used for home and outdoor decoration. If bamboo it’s not used as a flooring, in many homesĀ is used for wall decor, for dividing the space but also is used for outdoor places. And now, you will be pleasantly amazed at the following designs that I found the inspire you. Have a look in the following DIY bamboo decor and beautify the house and outdoor space in no time. After that, share the ideas on social media or share it with friends and inspire them.

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Bamboo wall decorating idea

Many times we are wondering which style to choose for a home decor. so, let’s have a look at this awesome idea. You can use bamboo and make favouriteĀ house walls decoration in your living room area. Take a look in the first photo of this post and inspire yourself.

bamboo wall decor

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DIY bamboo decor for the house or outdoor walls

Make lovely vertical planter and garden on the outdoor wall. Use bamboo as a material for making this project.

Bathroom decoration with bamboo sticks

Modern bathroom cabinet can have this design and you can live in a modern house. and imagine, you can do this by your own hands in your extra free time. Take care to have the best home decor with an idea like this one.

Amazing yard decoration with the use of bamboo

Add a few large white rocks on an outdoor place next to the retaining wall, add bamboo sticks and make an awesome design of the outdoor place.

Do it yourself a bamboo shower

This is the best outdoor shower I have ever seen in my life, why don’t you copy the style and make this craft in a summertime. Refresh yourself with outdoor shower room mad by your hands. Find inspiration in this photo.

Lovely bamboo divider for the home place

Divide the rooms of your house with use of bamboo. Separate the living room from the kitchen place, and for this aim use bamboo. Take a look in this DIY bamboo decor idea and think about house partition made of bamboo.

An amazing outdoor fence made of bamboo

You can protect your hose in an easy and cheap way, just choose fence made of green bamboo sticks. Check the photo below and find motivation for your own front house place.

Outdoor lighting with bamboo sticks

Solve the problem with outdoor lights and make some crafts that will help you to bring the light in outdoors. Now, collect the needed material and try to make some of this ideas for your house and outdoor place. For the end of this post, I invite you to check our website and to check other inspiring ideas for interior and exterior design.