Did you drop the Phone into Water? You should do this!

Did you drop the Phone into Water? You should do this!

July 23, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

How many times happened to you to drop the phone into water? Well, to be honest to me happened 4 times to this day! The very first time I dropped water on it but didn’t know what to do, while the last time when coca-cola dropped to my phone, I made a little research on the net to find out these tips! Beleive or not, the phone is working now, it suposed that these tips helped a lot. So read these things that you should do if you drop the phone into water and solve this problem.

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Whatever happens in life we should despair but we should try to find for solution for the problem. Every problem has a solution and this means that you have to follow our page if you want to find the answer to all the questions that are circling into your head!

Turn off the phone and try to rescue the battery

The very first thing you should do is to try to save the battery if this is possible on your phone because nowadays not all the phones we can open and see the battery. The other thing is that you shouldn’t use the phone while is still wet, wait for two or three days until the phone dry.

Put the phone in a bag full of rice

The second tip is that you can put the phone in bug full of rice and the rice can help you to fix the phone, to dry it. I think that if the phone drops into the water can be fixed easily than is dropped into coca-cola.

Use sun energy to fix the phone

The third thing is to put the phone where the sun is touching it. In this way, the phone won’t be wet and for two or three days it will function like previously. If the phone stays all night under the water the chances to save it are low but if you see this on time you will save it from total damage.

Use a hairdryer to dry the phone that dropped into water

It doesn’t matter if you personally dropped the phone or your children, however, this can be fixed. Just use a hairdryer and dry the phone. Of course, before doing this you should turn it off, after two days your phone will be the like new one.

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