OMG! These Are The Most Dangerous Roads in All World

OMG! These Are The Most Dangerous Roads in All World

August 31, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

The road conditions are very important to stay alive and safe. Around the world, there are a lot of dangerous roads that are deadly and frightening. Imagine, only one wrong move can lead you over the cliffs or into the ocean. Check out the most deadly and dangerous roads on the Earth!

I’m sure that you will never wish to drive on it!!! ?Read on to stay safe! Please also check about the enticing Dubai architecture written on our amazing website.

The Atlantic Ocean Road

This dangerous road leads you to the end of the Atlantic ocean. There are even 8 bridges on this route that are large around 8274 metres. Is it worth to risk your life driving on a bridge to bridge,  just to see the end of this ocean?


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Le Passage du Gois France – Deadly road

I think the French government should ban this road for safety to the drivers. Passage du Gois is a natural flooded road which length is 4,3km (2.58-miles). The well-known location is on the Atlantic coast of France. Imagine, you are driving on this road and suddenly appears a shark ready to eat you and your car…


One of the scariest road-bridge in the world- Sank Peterburg

The worst bridge road in the world leads you to Oksana! I will never drive on a bridge like this, what about you?

Epic Karnali Highway, Nepal

This 155-mile highway placed in Karnali, in the Himalayas of West Nepal. Every year, around 50 people die on this highway.

Anthopoulos-Perdikaki Road in Greece

People travel a lot, but who would dare to drive with a bus full of the passengers on a road like this?


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The road of the death – YUNGAS ROAD – BOLIVIA

This road is also known as Grove’s road.  The death road is leading from La Paz to Coroico. The location is 56 kilometres (35 mi) northeast of La Paz in the Yungas, Bolivia. Just one wrong move and you will die! Do you dare to challenge?

The road of Kinnaur, Tibet road

People living here are strange just like the roads in the village. Most of them are Buddhists and the others are Hindus. Would you challenge to pass this road in your car?

Himalayan road – one of the risky and dangerous roads in all world

Going to Himalaya might cost a life. Nearly every road here is the same DEADLY…


Sangla road

This is the only road that takes people to Sangla – the small village in Kinnaur district. Definitely the deadliest road I’ve ever seen in my life. How can people drive on?

Chile pathway – one of the most dangerous on the Earth

The amazing road that takes you to Chile! A lot of motorcycles and car drivers are dying in this deadly and dangerous place each day! Every day!