Creative Kids Room to Ruin You

Creative Kids Room to Ruin You

February 25, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

Kids room is the hardest part to design from the whole house rooms. why? Because this room’s owners are our kids and they are the most important people in our life and at the same time the most problematic people. It’s hard to design the kids room in a way they dream about it, but in following we will try to help you with the design.

We are happy as a parents when our kids are happy so this is great opportunity to make them happy.

Neutral kids room

We will start with the neutral design of the kid’s room. Those who have a little boy and little girl may love the idea of adding them in the same room which is designed with love. See this idea which is the very fist idea of this post.

cute kids room
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Neutral kids room design, idea for you and your kids

Here we are to the second idea of the post. What you need to do in this room is to pay attention to the details of design. you can have swing here that your kids will use for sitting there and reading also studying about their test.

kids room
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Choose bunk bed for little girl’s room

This is cool idea for those families who have more than two kids. they need a solution to save the space in the room and also to create good design. I think that the design of the photo that follows will ruin you like syas the topic of this post. so, take a look in it, consult with your children and choose the best of the best.

pink kids room
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Take care about the hidden lighting in the room

We will also give you a few ideas about the hidden ;lighting. Every child wants to see something different in the room which makes this room so special. To make this, you need to choose the best hidden lighting that will be combined with pink bed, pink wardrobe and any other furniture in the room.

creative kids room
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Small and pink kids room

Even the small rooms can keep the modern design. As you can see in the photo now, the walls are painted in pink, the bed is pink, the homework station is pink again. It doesn’t matter if the whole room design will be in pink if your child is satisfied with that.

pink room design
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Teens bedroom design

We will finish the post with the bedroom design but this time for teens. even though your little kids are teens now, the room design is again problematic. I invite you to see this design which might be the real solution for you as a parent and for your kids.

teens bedroom
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Tell your kids about these designs and together choose the best for them. in most cases this is a room design for little girls, so make your little girls a little princceses. thank you for reading this and if you are interested about how to design the small apartment, take a tour in this lovely small apartment.