Creative and DIY Wine Bottle Reuses

Creative and DIY Wine Bottle Reuses

September 20, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

Wine bottle reuses ideas is the topic of our post today and if you decide to spend your free time with us, you will see amazing ideas that we will share with you. You will see how to make torches for creating romantic outdoors, outdoor garden pathway, garden walls, garden bench, waterfall, and other interesting ideas.

Feel free to save all these ideas on your desktop and use it when you will have free time. This is perfect way to use your creativity and making nice crafts for outdoor place and at the same time to reuse the old wine bottles you have in the yard corners. See the ideas now!!!

Wine bottle reuses for a garden bench and outdoor walls

Instead of gabions we can reuse the old wine bottles and make one bench for outdoor place and also try to use the bottles for walls decor. Spend some time to see the very first photo and idea from this post.

wine bottles reuse
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Making lovely and DIY wine bottle waterfall ideas

Give your outdoor place refreshing look with these amazing wine bottles waterfall in outdoor place. I invite you to check the second idea from this post that will help you to add water features in outdoors.

wine bottles waterfall
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Make wine bottle pathways for outdoor place

In the third photo, you can see how to arrange the bottles n way to create one amazing outdoor pathway. This is so a great idea that you can use for outdoor place and make one amazing outdoor design.

wine bottle pathway
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One amazing way to reuse the wine bottle in outdoors is to make torches

In the next photo we can see how to reuse the bottles and making torches and creating one modern and romantic outdoor place. Maybe you will wish to see this photo and to find the perfect design for garden and ayrd place. Enjoy and have fun!

bottle reuses
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Wine bottle reuses candle holders

In the last photo from the post, we can see how to make candle holders with wine bottles and making one amazing interior and exterior place. This is so creative idea and easy for making so if you have some free time, patience, inspiration and some old wine bottles in garden corners, reuse it and make this! As I said this is the last photo so here we must say goodbye because we will search for other cool ideas now! Thanks for understanding!

wine bottles candle holders
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