Create a Vibrant Home with Yellow Color

Create a Vibrant Home with Yellow Color

June 10, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

Hey friends. Today we had two posts if you missed it I will give you the links. Firstly this morning we gave you perfect idea about modern bed placed in bedroom place and next we talked about one modern home where the dominant color is the black color. This afternoon we will give you ideas about how to create a vibrant home with the use of yellow color, stay with us.

We will take you to the bathroom, bedroom, kid’s room, living room, and kitchen and in all rooms, the dominant color is yellow. Choose yellow for your home too and don’t be afraid of having some different house design and lovely interior! And now, spend some time to see the photos!

Bricks walls in kitchen with little yellow accent

We will start this post with bricks walls in kitchen, nice island in the middle of the kitchen and yellow fridge with little accent on the sides. Come on, see the very first idea from this post to see nice design and bright home design.

yellow kitchen
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Give yellow accent to the bathroom place

Which color would you use for the bathroom place? Would you choose the dark or the light color for this place? If you are asking me, I will choose the yellow color in the bath as you can see in the photo now, it looks so nice.

vibrant home
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How to give a bright accent to the living room too

In the third idea we will see again nice design of living room where the dominance are playing the light colors. I think that if your guests are coming so often in your house, you should spend some time to redesign your room.

living room
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Bedroom with vibrations (positive)

In the next idea we must mention the bedroom place and the design that we want to have here. We need light colors, we need white and yellow combinations for the place to enjoy in the room, to sleep and to stay when we are free.

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Kids room with the same design and color

We can’t finish this post if we don’t mention the kids. I think that the yellow color is neutral and almost every children will wish to have this color in interior place. And now, see the design and think if this is the design your house needs. With this photo, we will finish this post that I hope was enough inspiring for you and maybe you have found some idea for your house place too.

kids room design
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Thanks so much for your attention and I really hope that you will keep following our page in future to see more ideas for interior and exterior ideas. Stay positive and see you tomorrow!!!

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