CORONAVIRUS and BEACH: Can We Safely Enjoy the Sun?

CORONAVIRUS and BEACH: Can We Safely Enjoy the Sun?

June 18, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

In period with virus Corona spread in all world, we are asking the question: Can we safely go to the beach and enjoy in the sun. Stay with us to find the answer to this question and read more about coronavirus and beach and our safety this summer.

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Coronavirus and beach time around all world

On the beach, you can be safe just if you follow the restrictions that health workers recommend. You will need a mask when laying on the beach and when you swim in the water you can put away the mask. Even in the water, you must make a distance of 2 meters with other people.

However, I think that we should all visit the beaches on the lakes in our own country and avoid traveling outside in foreign countries.


On the beaches in Florida, police officers are in plan to drone and capture people there. If some of them don’t respect the rules of making a distance of 2 meters, wearing a mask, will be punished. I’m a little confused because how can we have dark ten to our face skin when we wear a mask.

coronavirus and beach
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Reservations in Spain

If you want to visit some of the beaches in Spain, you must download the application on your phone. On this application you can reserve the place on the beach and here to spend time in getting perfect ten skin.

Sport on the beach is permitted in Portugal

If you try to play some sport on the beaches in Portugal, you can end up with a fee.

Los Angeles beaches, masks are obligation

As I mentioned in the introduction, masks are a necessity even if you are laying on the beach. So this is a case also in Los Angeles and doesn’t forget your mask when coming here.

Air hotels in Switzerland have no walls

For the night, if you want to find a room to sleep, in Switzerland you can choose to sleep in open air hotels that have no walls. The price to sleep here for one night is just 217 Euros and your bedroom has no walls!!!

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After reading these interesting facts, what do you think, which place will be your destination this summer or will you stay at home for these hot days that are following? Tell us in the comment below the post.