Top Composition Techniques to Make Your Photos a Piece of Art

Top Composition Techniques to Make Your Photos a Piece of Art

August 9, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

A birthday party and wedding can’t pass without calling a professional photographer. Having no idea about the composition techniques, we spend a lot of money on paying for this. The photographer comes with an aim to take a good shot picture of us and the people we love. All this, done for making a life memory. BUT, you must learn the top composition techniques to make your photos a piece of art. When you will learn all these techniques and buy a professional photograph, you can shot the best images by yourself.

How can we define composition? The composition is defined as a combination of the best elements and principles for creating a perfect photo. One photo of you and your family can be a piece of art. One simple and accidental image could be a unique memory. The composition can vary, it can be open, semi-open or closed compose. When the elements in one picture are visible, the composition is open. When photo elements visually appear to be open on some sides, while others sides are limited the composition is semi-open.  And, the last one, a closed composition is when the art elements are in the centre of the photo. You will need some time to understand composition.

Save on money and start to learn the photo tricks right now! Read about the composition techniques to improve your photos.

The Rule of Thirds

This technique called, the rule of the thirds is used by amateur and professional photographers. One image is figured into thirds, vertically and horizontally to become ninths. The margin lines are used to effectively bisect the image, using the lines to separate off areas of that image.

The rule of odds

This rule tells you that you need three elements in one photo. A photo with three elements looks friendly and attractive for a photo viewer.

The Rule of Space, one of a composition techniques

The rule of space means to leave negative space in the photo. For example, if you are trying to focus on a small thing in your photo, you need a negative space around the image. In this way, you will let it breathe the important element and the wallpaper will be in the second place. Look at this beautiful boy, a nice photo shot!

Simplicity in Photography

Simplicity is when the art elements relate to each other. This technique means that a photo viewer can see the photo in a clear and pure way.

Framing technique

This idea with help you to transform one photo. The frame is on the backside of the photo, and the photo centre is to be seen.

composition techniques framing

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Shadows and Shapes

If you want to make a professional photo, try to include shadows and shapes in your photo shots. Triangle, squares, circles, staircases, shadows… Use all these elements for creating a piece of art. Be a professional photograph, learn how to make the best of the best photos!