Cleaning House in 5 Minutes Even If you Have a Dog!?

Cleaning House in 5 Minutes Even If you Have a Dog!?

April 8, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Hey friends. Today we have an interesting post and is about is it possible to clean the house in a short period when you have a pet, in this case, dog. Well, the answer to this question is yes, a cleaning house in 5 minutes is possible even if you have a dog. But how? Find the details hereinafter in the post below!

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cleaning house in 5 minutes
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When we have a dog at home, we are accustomed to feeling the smell but when someone else comes into the house, we can feel embarrassing and must clean the house before receiving guests.

Cleaning house in 5 minutes – vacuum carpet and furniture

First of all, we should clean the fur of the bed and of the carpet because our dog usually spent the time laying and sitting here. Do the vacuum here and also clean the floor with water and chemicals.

Clean the floor in living room and entrance hall

After cleaning this, open the window to refresh the house and get rid of the dog smell inside. Bring some plants and flowers from outdoors and replace the pet smell with a nice fragrant smell. If you still have no plants, add candles with fragrance and this is it!

muddy dog
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Do the refreshment

If you still have some free time, you can bath your dog and with this to be fully prepared for the guests receiving. Now, your house is totally clean and you can be proud of the results.

cleaning house in only 5 minutes
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Well, I think that is a better idea to keep the dog on the balcony when your guests are in the house and when they leave the house, to let the dog come in. 🙂 This is all we prepared for today and hope that now you will clean the house!!!