Choose These Appealing Wall Niches

Choose These Appealing Wall Niches

October 14, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

Wall mounted shelves also people call it wall niches were a very popular decorative element for house walls in the past. But nowadays, this style is also modern and many people choose exactly these wall mounted shelves in their home decor. If you choose to add it to your home you can add it to every room you wish to and if you want you can combine it with lighting. Niche with lighting, how nice it would be to have this combination in the most important room of your house – your living room.

Check the following images that will give you ideas about wall shelves in every room of your house! Alternatively, you can add niches wherever you wish to!

Wall niches with lighting in bedroom place

Create visual space in the bedroom by adding built-in wall shelves or if you want to call it wall niches. These ideas are great for storage to your favourite books, special souvenirs and decorative elements in your sleeping room walls. Choose the right shelves for your room, check this photo.

Mounted shelves, wall niches and window seat in the dining room

Your dining room can have amazing shelves, wall mounted that will save you space and will be the place for kitchen stuff. Find idea in this amazing design of one pink, purple and white Indian style dining room. I must say that I love the design!

Entryway built in wall shelves

Entryway shelves with lighting are a smart idea if you want to have cool lighting that will wish welcome to your guests. in the following photo we can see decorative elements in the place of shelves but if you want you may storage your shoes there and solve one storage problem.

built in wall shelves

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Wall niches with lighting in living room place

Instead of a modern TV wall unit, you can add a built-in wall niche with lighting. You don’t need TV if you have these adorable shelves that will make you having lovely ambient in the home place. What do you think, will you choose this design for your house walls?

Built-in wall shelves with blue lighting in a kitchen cabinet

Good organization of glasses and kitchen stuff only in the place of the built-in wall niches. Be an organized person with the best modern idea for kitchen walls and also add coloured lighting as is shown in the photo (blue). Check this photo that is full of inspiration.

kitchen cabinet

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Wall mounted shelves in the living room place

Built-in wall shelves also look modern in the contemporary living room.

Inspirational wall niches in the entrance hall

We have seen niches in the entryway (here we have again niches in an entryway), we have seen niches in a living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining room. From everything we have seen in this post we can get one and only conclusion: Niches looks spectacular in every room of the house! If you need ideas about garden decoration, please follow this link.

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