Check This DIY Woven Fence Idea

Check This DIY Woven Fence Idea

June 11, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Why spending money on expensive gates with wrought iron when you can make a fence on your own? This fence will protect you and you can make it in no time. Stay with us in this post and check this DIY woven fence idea. This is an art, this is a project done with so much love and effort!

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DIY Woven Fence – STEPS

First step

Gather the material you need before making the fence. In this case you will will need tall wooden sticks as you can see in the next photo. Make a plan where to add the fence.

DIY woven fence
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How tall the fence will be depends on your need. If you want just garden edging, maybe this can help you. check the photo now.

wooden fence
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Second step

Call your friends to help you and your project may start now. Make a plan for how tall to be your fence. Find idea in the photos now in the following where we can see creative people working on the gate.

woven willow screens
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Be patient if you want to come to the final result!

diy wooden fence
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The last step

There we are to the last step and we can now enjoy in our result. We have a fence now, the gate that will protect us, the gate to hide us from neighbors. Congratulations to you for your effort and time evolved in this project! See the idea now and think of making the same thing in your own yard.

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What do you think? Do you like this project? I hope that the answer to this question is YES and you will share with your friends and colleagues! Bye and have nice day – Thursday.