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Cute DIY Ideas About Reusing Wood

October 20, 2018 Off

There are millions of ideas about reusing wood slices, tree stumps and to make lovely decorations for home place. Here, I present you a few of them. For example, how to make nightstand of wood, wood slices wall mirror, a bathroom cabinet of wood stumps, how to make wall shelves with a light of wood…

By Molly Wilson

17 Awesome Ideas How To Use Old Wine Barrel

June 18, 2014 Off

Giving a life to old stuff, instead of throwing them is very ecological and valuable. For example – wine barrel. With a little bit creativity and hand work you can transform them into dog houses, planters, tables, sinks, chairs, garden bench etc. There are different ways that people use old wine barrels to decorate their…

By David Bankston

Six steps to perfect home manicure

March 23, 2014 Off

The appearance of the nail is very important for a woman. Instead of giving money at beauty salons, here are tips on how to do a perfect manicure at home. Necessary tools The most important thing is to be organized. Find a wide, flat surface where you do your manicure (as your work table for…

By David Bankston

Bracelets you should try making

February 23, 2014 Off

Fashion trend nowadays is changing so fast, that the fashion items you’ve bought yesterday, is now out-dated and is not a fashion statement anymore. Well, there is a secret in maintaining the trendiness and style of your fashion – wear trendy accessories! Aside from the tops and pants or skirts that you wear, you must…

By David Bankston


February 9, 2014 Off

PRETTY AWESOME JARS There are such a large number of cool things you could do with jars. They don’t fundamentally must be enriching. Containers could be repurposed to store things in your wash room or to hold office supplies. You could even utilize it hold utensils for an easy gathering. Here’s a wonderful DIY venture…

By David Bankston

Cool DIY Ideas & Projects to Try

February 6, 2014 Off

ROPE WALL: Want a cool partition wall? Make your own low cost jute walls with retained light and visibility and give your room a warm texture.   COOL SIDE TABLE: Make your very own cool side table with wood, rope and a lil bit of paint. Here it is   BOOK SHELF: do some experiment…

By David Bankston