Can You Give me Pills for My Grandma If I Clean the Floor?

Can You Give me Pills for My Grandma If I Clean the Floor?

August 6, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

Can you give me pills for my grandma if I clean the floor? This was the question that young boy asked in Pharmacy with tears in his eyes. Did he take the help he was looking for or not? I won’t reveal you know and let me tell you the full story and make a point of it.

It was a sunny day when a young boy entered the Pharmacy and asked to clean the floor and with this to buy pills for his grandma. This little boy had no mother and father because they were dead and his grandmother grown him up. This is how he tried to save her life and he and his grandma had no money to buy the pills. What was the answer of the Pharmacy worker, check out after the photo.

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She said: Go away little boy, we can’t help you we have a lot of work here and no time to deal with your problems!

All this listened to other old women who was standing next to the little boy. She couldn’t go without offering help and gave money to the boy to buy pills for his sick grandma. They both just that she helped him in this, but went into their house to see if they are fine.

While the time passes the little boy grown and he became a DOCTOR! Now, when he is a doctor he can help all nephews who are looking for help for their grandparents and doing this for free!!!

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To sum up, no money needed when you are trying to make something useful and will stop the tears to those little hearts. If I sometimes face this situation, I will surely help to all little boys who are looking to clean the floor in the Pharmacy and buying pills for any member of the family! We should all do this and saving this little creature from sorrow and pain in their souls! In the same time to continue life to those who need help and pills!

If you read this story probably you understood how life can be unfair sometimes and we can look for help at any person in front of us. Keep sharing with friends and get some point from it. Also if you have time check this post about wooden logs interiors and exterior place and have a plan in your head to design the home and outdoor decor. Thanks so much for the attention and time you spent with us!