Cable Reel Ideas for Outdoors

Cable Reel Ideas for Outdoors

May 13, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Hey friends. Until this moment, we saw different DIY ideas on our amazing page. The last two posts were about how to reuse pallets and how to make flower pots with rocks. There is NO END to our projects, easy but nice looking! If you go back yo can see many other creative ideas, of course if you have enough free time. If don’t just go ahead and see the following cable reel ideas that are perfect for outdoors.

Cable reel as table for your flower pots and lanterns

The start of the post will be about how to reuse cable reel and make perfect table that will be holder for your flower pots. Here you can add lanterns and create one amazing corner in your outdoor place. See the very first idea now but don’t forget to scroll down and check for the others ideas too.

cable reel ideas
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Spool lights for interior place

What a lovely combination of table spool and hidden lights. I think that this is great idea that can be also used for outdoor place. Here, we can enjoy in great project, in great cable reel reuse and lights in the same time. See the idea now that folows.

spool table lights
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Beautiful transformation – make a chair from cable reel

In the third photo you can see before and after transformation. What will happens if you give new life to the cable reels. See the idea now and if you have a chance, make the same thing in your own home place.

cable reel reuse ideas
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Or, you can make colorful chairs for your pallets made sofa in outdoor place. This can be the best furniture for your garden place, done with effort and too much time.

cable reel chairs
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Or, make some window frame with the same cable reel?

The last idea is about how to make beautiful mirror frame for the walls of the house place. This is the chance to have a look in the photo now and find some idea in the photo now. This is the last idea of our cable reel ideas and I hope you decide what yo will make in your free time. If you have no time for this, tell your friends about it.

cable reel reuse
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Thank you so many dear friends, for the time, for the attention you gave us! Stay in good health and keep following us.