Tricks to Get More Exposure on Facebook Business Page

Tricks to Get More Exposure on Facebook Business Page

August 27, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

Every business has a personal Facebook business page. Some pages succeed to increase the number of likes and followers for a short time. What tricks are they using? It might be hard to gain a lot of followers on your page and to attract potential customers. There are a few tricks that might help you in doing this. Here are the top business tricks to get more exposure on Facebook. Read on.

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Facebook business page

Choose the appropriate time for posting a new post

The appropriate time to post a new post is about 12 PM, 3 PM or 7 PM. If you want your post to be seen and liked by your followers, choose this time. Avoid posting in early morning hours or late night hours.

Tell short stories when presenting new product on your page

People love stories. Sell a story, not a product, is one of the e-commerce marketing strategies. Telling stories when presenting new product will melt its heart. A lot of successful companies use this marketing trick. By doing this they achieve some kind of communication between the company and customers. The following image may serve you as an example to you.

Avoid posting in the busiest period of the day

If choosing to show your products in a busy period, no one will see it. even if the post is creative you will make completely error to post it in the time when people are at work. Pay attention to this, on contrary, you will have to share the post again.

Choose an attractive topic for presenting your page

Attractive topic appeals to the potential customers. Add the words you must check, you must taste it. An inspiring topic may attract people to follow your business page. The title and the images are keys to one successful marketing.

Post selfies of you and your company employees

People love to get close to the owners of the company and their employed. To maintain one good relationship people would like to know you better. If they like the administrator od the page they will also like the company.


Ask fans about business idea or change in a business company

Fans want to be part of your marketing strategy. There is one way to get close to them. Ask questions about changing your company name, ask about the taste of your products, or about your business idea. Most of them tend to answer your questions.

Content written on your page should be 100 % unique

You need creative writing but never copied text. Pay creative content writer who will take care to write unique text to appeal people’s attention.

Create a personalized e-mail campaign

On your business page, you might add a place for e-mail offer. For example, you can send information about new products on e-mail addresses.