Build a Cement Water Fountain in Your Yard

Build a Cement Water Fountain in Your Yard

May 17, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Hey friends. This lovely Sunday afternoon, you deserve to see the best ideas we prepared for you. And what we have for you? We have such an amazing project on how to build a cement water fountain in your yard.

Before checking the project maybe you are also interested in what are the causes and reasons for feeling dizzy and off-balance. Go back and read the last post we shared and then, come back here again to check the following amazing project.

Before making the project, you must gather the material. The needed material for making this fountain are these:

  • cement
  • polystyrene
  • glue and glue gun
  • PVC pipes
  • stones
  • cotton
  • water
  • pale where you can mix the cement and water

The time you will need to make this lovely cement water fountain:

24 hours, one long day

After gathering all material you will need, you can see the project through STEPS and try to make something similar to this! Check the following photo with the full steps.

First, cut the polystyrene in way to form waterfall. Apply cement and cotton on it and leave it to dry for one night of 12 hours. Don’t forget to add the PVC pipe where your water can float. Now, you made amazing waterfall or fountain.

cement water fountain
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To make the things clear we uploaded a video whit the full tutorial and maybe you have a few minutes to check it. Also share it with your dear friends that are DIY lovers and have enough time.

is all we prepared for today. I hope that you have enough free time to make this project and will share the final result in the photo below this post. Thanks for your time and have a nice end of the week and tomorrow check our page A G A I N!