Bucharest – Lacking a Reason Not To Visit It

Bucharest – Lacking a Reason Not To Visit It

December 26, 2018 Off By Helen Olsson

Found through mysterious folklore tale. Lived for centuries in turbulent environment and transformations, and today became one of the tourist hotspots of Eastern Europe. Romanian capital hides some of the world’s most hidden treasures that millions of travelers annually discover in satisfaction. The land of Count Dracula is surely going to surprise you regardless of your primary reason for a visit. Be prepared to be amazed by all the festivities this thriving party hub has to offer.


Bucharest stag do weekend is one of the greatest reasons so much visitors from western countries heard about Romanian entertainment possibilities recently. The city is an architectural mix of styles. There are the residential districts of great charm and dignity and there are the palaces of the communist period, worn and decadent. Everyone’s favorite would most certainly be the vast Palace of the Parlament, which will be the must-stop point on your adventure. The communist-era architecture is predominant as a testament to recent harsh history. But, there is also already contemporary architecture that engages slowly, without making noise. The lifestyle in Bucharest is without too many demands. You will notice that as soon as you arrive. There is something to that “Balkan soul” that can’t be reflected on anything elsewhere. People here party and sing with more passion than anywhere else in the world. It all comes as a result of bad things that happened in the past and people here learned a lesson about what the good and engaging things are in their lives. At the beginning of the weekend, on a Friday night, the streets of Old Town start to thrive with hundreds of youngsters who are ready to have fun and sing at the top of their lungs, with a beer or wine glass in their hands. That cheering euphoria will win you over very fast and it will prove to be the best addition as the starting point of your Bucharest nightlife exploration.

Undoubtedly the most fun without any kind of worrying goes to those who are ready to spend more during their weekend hype. But, since the Bucharest is a budget-travelers dream they will also have amazing opportunities to have the time of their lives. One of the fastest growing party hubs of Eastern Europe is giving a different variety of options for unstoppable weekend fun.
Each and every soul will find something appealing to their taste. Whether it may be dancing until morning hours to the electro beats or having a hilarious karaoke night with many friends and even more drinks, its all up to you. The city center hides some of the most provocative clubs in this part of the world, that will come handy with all of the forbidden pleasures you can find within its walls. Ladies here show special interest in those newcomers that came from distant cultures from their own. But still, everyone will have a chance to try everything that their easy-going status brings with it. Most of the Bucharest visitors share the same goal and that is to have the fun of their lives with as lower expense as possible along with top-notch remedy for the hangover that is Romanian cuisine. And that would be the least Bucharest residents will make sure to deliver to you with a genuine smile and even more sincere wish that you will return once more to prologue fun that never seems to end here.