Briefly Introduction About The Bathroom Shower Screen

Briefly Introduction About The Bathroom Shower Screen

September 24, 2018 Off By Natalie Atkinson

In case you are planning to get your bathroom renovated you must have already decided to opt for a shower screen. These help to keep the water confined to a specific area and keep the bathroom spick and span at all times. Besides the cleanliness, these screens contribute largely to the look of a bathroom. There are variety of options and designs that you can choose from when you plan to purchase a shower screen for your bathroom. This might get a wee bit confusing, thus here we have listed a few tips that will help you decide on which shower screen will suit you best.

Few Tips for How to Select Proper Shower Screen for Your Bathroom

  1. Shape and Size:

The shape and size of a shower screen that you opt for, must depend on your bathroom space. Ensure the shower screen does not restrict the space of the bathroom further, giving it a cramped look. To ensure you opt for the apt size, you can measure the height and width of the shower space, so that you can purchase the shower screen accordingly.

  1. Type of Shower Screens:

There are umpteen number of shower screens available in the market.  For corner spaces you can opt for the shower enclosure which is quadrant, while for a single wall you can to opt for the ‘D-shaped’ screens.

  1. Consider the Budget:

Budget plays an important role in the choice of shower screens. These screens are available in a wide range of prices. Ensure there are no compromises made on the quality of the shower screens. Quality shower screens are definitely durable and will last long.

  1. Glass Shower Screens:

Most homeowners opt for shower screens with glass doors. You need to make sure the chosen glass meets the safety standards. A quality glass will last longer. Replacing a glass door can be an expensive affair and can also be dangerous.

  1. Ease of Maintenance:

As shower screens are available in different styles and designs, you need to consider the maintenance factor. The glass needs to be accessible from all sides so that you can clean it on a regular basis. As compared to tinted glass and frosted glass, clear glass is easy to clean. Besides this, as compared to the semi-framed glasses or framed glasses, the frameless glasses are easier to clean.

Types of Shower Screens:

      1.Quadrant Shower Screens:

For those looking for a corner shower screen, theses quadrant shower screens are best. With quadrant shower screens, you can save a lot of space.

  1. Fixed Panel Shower Screens:

The fixed panel shower screens are considered as a ‘luxurious’ option even though these are simple. This has a single glass panel, which is frameless and offer a minimalist look to the bathroom. As these need a drying area, these shower screens are apt for larger spaces.

  1. Pivot Door Shower Screens:

The pivot door shower screens are a traditional option. These tend to rotate for opening, at a central point. You have a wide range of designs and styles available to choose from. These are perfect for large spaces.

  1. Bi-fold Door Shower Screens:

Practical and stylish, the bi-fold door shower screens are a preferred choice for most home owners. The mechanism for opening these doors is elegant and sleek. These are ideal for bathrooms which are contemporary.

Opting for professionals is a wiser decision than executing the plan of installing shower screens on your own. The experience and qualification of the experts will ensure you have an ideal shower screen for your bathroom. There are multiple professionals listed online. Conduct an online search and compare the quality and the price before you make a choice.