BMW Vision Next 100 Self-Driving Mode

BMW Vision Next 100 Self-Driving Mode

September 17, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

BMW is celebrating 100 years of existence with a creation of the new futuristic concept car, BMW vision with digital intelligence. Auto reports say that by the time auto companies tries to appeal to their customers, BMW is always first on the list and always appealing to customers. Special representative to the BMW’s in the UK is Ian Robertson who says that self-driving mode is impossible not just with this car but with any other car. The logical explanation for this is how can a car knows when to stop and to avoid hitting in some person. How can a car be responsible for someone’s life? It must be someone in the car that will give the direction and will manage to the car.

Even though, the team in the BMW group are working too hard and over think, is impossible to create a concept car where passengers and the driver can relax and just driving. It must be a person who will drive a car without relaxation. See the following images and the video that I prepared just for you. Would you like to have a car like this one???

BMW futuristic concept car with self-driving mode and digital intelligence

Digital intelligence allows the car and the person to get to know each other. This futuristic car might have the ability to improve the intuitive driving of a person and even to assist when there will be a need for that. ( in some dangerous situation). BMW Self-Driving Car is innovated with “Alive Geometry” that enables intuitive driver-vehicle interaction. In the “Boost” mode driver can enjoy fast driving while two passengers are seating in the front seats, and in “Ease” driving modes enable secure driving while one passenger is seating in the back.
If this will be really true, I hope that a car accident will stop forever and there will be never more victims dying on the roads.

BMW vision

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Inventing a BMW vision next 10 – the future car

Let’s peak in the visionary world of creating a new concept of the futuristic car without drivers, car where passengers can enjoy totally. With this invent you don’t need a taxi driver, you don’t need a driver license. Your car can take you wherever you wish to and no one will know about that. Cool!



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BMW vision in the next 100 years

The most interesting this about this car is that you can take photos in the car and to use alive geometry. This means that you don’t have to be in the car to take a shot, you can take a picture in the car while you are seating in the living room or cooking in the kitchen. All these pictures you can share it with friends on social media, on Facebook. Weird but it will be truthful some day.

futuristic concept car

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