Black/White Home Decor Can be Your Choice

Black/White Home Decor Can be Your Choice

September 26, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

We as a team have been seen so many ideas and colors used in interior place. If you are aksing me personally, I think that every person should choose the best color for home design and every color is allowed. At my home, the dominant color is cream color which makes my home looking sensation and elegant. But, if you choose black/white you will also create one modern, sensational, elegant home design where you can happily spend the rest of your life.

We will take you to Singapore. Read the last post shared recently on our page, of course, if you are in plan to travel around the world.

In the first photo, we can see elegant white walls, a white TV stand, black Tv and black window frames. The sofa is light grey to break the monotony. The coffee table is small and black in the same color as the carpet is. The lounge chair is white which give you one amazing black/white home, living room area. The chandelier is nice and pendant, so it’s enough of description, now take a look in it.

black/white home

In the corner, there is a black swinging chair that you can use for relaxation and reading book on it. Pay attention to the photo and sorry if I missed a detail.

black and white home

This swinging chair can be your favorite part from the home place. Here you can hide and swing with hours in silence. Also, there is a black carpet below the swing with a white pillow. in the corner, there is a white flower pot with a favorite plant in there.

black swing

Here, the dominant color for the dining room is white so we need some sensation In the room where we receive our favorite and special guests, where we eat lunch and dinner with family. Just see the decor tips.

After we show you the full home designed in black and white we will also take you to the balcony place. Here we also have a swinging chair in black color, black blanket, and candles which makes the outdoor place looking so great and stunning. We had the chance to see the full description of black/white home and also of the balcony place but now we must end up the post because our time is up.



If you spent your free time with us and you really found a suitable color for your home, thanks to our PAGE, we are so proud of our team. I invite you to be our follower tomorrow when we will back with new ideas about the home place. And now bye!!!