Best combining food with drinks

Best combining food with drinks

March 23, 2014 Off By David Bankston

The meal is not complete without a drink. If you want your lunch to finalize with well- chosen drink, follow these few rules in order to achieve a combination that will advance the taste and fully enjoy a gourmet experience.



Think of liquor as part of a meal

When combining drinks such as beer or wine with food becomes common practice, then you will enjoy more tastes. First choose what you eat, and then based on that decide what your drink will be.

Treat the wine as a sauce

Choosing wine to match the food you eat requires a certain knowledge that ultimately caused the payments. When experts choose wine, they think of it as suits his taste in food. Just as you look out the flavors of the spices when you make the sauce, it should look and taste of the wine. Well- known rule that combines fish with white wine and red wine with meat can help you find the perfect combination.

Slightly cooked dishes such as a salad or cooked fish go well with dry white wine. If you decide to roast meat consume wine, red would be the most appropriate choice. Only when it comes to sweet dishes do not have to worry about anything. It is good just to know that he sweet sharpens the taste of wine, which in turn makes the pie sweeter.
In addition, when you choose a combination of food and wine, think about what fruits would suit your meal. In the process of production and maturation of wines to add some fruits, whose traits later feel the taste.

Beer shall be the basis of a meal

Beer can be such a good add with the food. It has the amazing ability to increase the enjoyment in it if you combine it with foods that have contrasting flavor. For example, if you are a meat add spices, try to ease the taste with a light, not very strong beer.

In contrast, light dishes go better with dark beer. If this does not want to give a different flavor to meals, spicy foods then you combine them with dark beers and lighter with lighter, so you will not lose flavor.

Dessert with strong drinks

Each strong drink goes great with desserts. Many of them, such as rum and brandy are part of many sweet recipes. In addition, you can experiment with other meals. If you ask the Russians how to combine the vodka and food, they will say that vodka goes with any meal. However, they enjoy eating with smoked fish, pickles, potato dishes and seafood. However, if you want the lunch to drink whiskey, will have to prepare a meal with meat, and then continue with dessert.

A combination of wine and sea foods is quite easy.  You just have to prepare the raw fish and  instantly pair it with your favorite wine. You also have to consider  what kind of wine will best suit your raw fish and other sea foods.

Although previous rules can help improve the taste of your meals, but what the most needs to worry about is whether it suits you like a particular combination. Grilled meat and beer are a classic combination, but any meat you do not like with every beer.
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Experiment and you will often find your favourite pair food and drink, whether it agrees with these rules or not. Use your imagination, love your food, and drink combination.