Best Bike Trails in Orange County

Best Bike Trails in Orange County

December 13, 2019 Off By Helen Olsson

Taking your bike our for a trail ride is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors. Orange County is home to some beautiful bike paths. Many of them are also well-established, making them comfortable and safe rides. If you want to take your bike out around the county, you may be wondering where the best trails are. Below are a few great choices.

Santa Ana River Trail

This is a good trail for anyone looking for a relaxed ride or something not too challenging. Whether you’re just cruising along on electric bicycles or taking kids out for a little outdoor fun, the Santa Ana River Trail will satisfy. It is pretty level and stretches from Huntington Beach to Weir Canyon Road. There are also parks along the way, which are perfect for taking a break.

Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve

This path is a little more challenging but still manageable even for families. It has a wide path that is easy for groups. The 10-mile path goes through various Back Bay attractions including parks, a nature center and the Back Bay Science Center. This is another enjoyable ride with plenty to see and do along the way.

San Clemente Beach Trail

If you want somewhere to take your beach cruiser bike, there are few better choices than the San Clemente Beach Trail. As you may have guessed, this follows along the San Clemente Beach. The beach alone is plenty of reason to take on this trail. However, there are also all the iconic attractions around it. This is an excellent choice for a full day out or for a little scenic bike riding.

San Diego Creek Bikeway

This is another trail dotted with parks and vistas. It goes through Irvine, starting at the Back Bay and reaching the junction of 405 and 133. If you take this trail, consider stopping for a picnic in the Bill Barker Park. This is a well-developed path that is great for an enjoyable, relaxed ride.

Fullerton Loop

For riders looking for a slightly more challenging ride, the Fullerton Loop is a good choice. It is best suited for mountain bikes. However, it does also head into the city also. So, you may want to consider checking out hybrid bikes for men and women before getting started. The loop is 11.5 miles comprised of several trails.

Limestone Canyon & Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park

This is actually a set of 15 trails. The most popular is Borrego which goes through a canyon and offers some great views. However, there are some more remote paths you can take as well. The ranch is home to some eye-catching wildness and flora. This is an excellent choice for anyone who loves nature. Plus, with so many trails, it can easily become a full-day event.

Explore Them All

One of the best parts of living in Orange County is the number of options for biking. Grab your bicycle and check out some of these amazing trails. If you don’t own a bike, consider picking up a new hybrid, mountain or electric bike.