Bathroom Trends for 2019

Bathroom Trends for 2019

January 21, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

It’s time for new ideas, it’s time to show you the best bathroom trends for 2019! the choice is you so choose to stay with us to then of this post and to see an incredibly good looking baths that will catch your eyes! You will see 11 ideas and I hope that at least one of it will be suitable for your home.

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Industrial bathroom trends 2019

We will start this inspiring post with industrially styled bathroom and also we will end up with the same style. Nowadays, modern bathroom means classic bath design with simple sink and vanity, towels organization and everything else.

black and white bathroom design
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Simple bath design with concrete sink

Perefct organization to the bath towels and modern concrete sink is the thing that you have the chance to see here in the photo. Don’t miss the chance!

bathroom trends
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Grey and blue bath design

Let’s take a look in the photo now and see how amazing look the use of grey colour in bath and also in combination of blue bathtub.

blue bathtub
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Bath organization in modern way

there is also a modern way to take care for the bath organization. Motivate in this photo.

modern bathroom
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Industrial bath lighting idea for you

Have you seen a bath design with old look but also looking incredible in the same moment? If not, share the idea with friends!

industrial bathroom
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Golden and white bathroom design

This is the best combination that you have ever seen for bathroom place. White bathroom with gold accent is all you need for modern design.

gold accent in bathroom
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Stone, wood or bricks bath walls

First of all take care of the bath walls and choose the best material for the walls. Take a look in the photo now and motivate yourself.

industrial style bath
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Wooden wall for the shower room and lights

The combination of hidden LED lights go great with wooden walls and when we are talking about a shower room this is amazing!

modern wooden shower
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Concrete walls in bath with combination of circle mirror

Circle mirror goes great when is hanged on the bath walls. Also, the bathtub can be large and to have one amazing bathroom like this in the photo.

breathtaking baths
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Adding gold accent in the concrete bath

In the concrete bath you can add golden accents with the mirror frames, bath sink or something else. Pay attention to the photo now and think if this is suitable design for you.

gold accent bath
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Vertical garden in the bath

Yes, you can take care for the flowers in the bath place and to add wooden shelves there. This can be the home for your flower pots but also you can add simple black vanity, two modern wall lamps and mirror.

black bath sink
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This is all for today so thanks for your attention!