Balcony Garden Designs That Are Too Good to Resist

Balcony Garden Designs That Are Too Good to Resist

November 23, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

Balcony garden is a place where we can grow our flowers, some of it to plant it in the flower pots on the floor and some of it to hang it on a wall. Perfect place for having a garden there if we don’t have any outdoor place for that, or if we live in an apartment I beleive that many of you will found themselves in these words and will check the following designs that will be motivation for your balcony place.

We will try to save your time and show in short how can really have a garden in the balcony place, how to grow flowers and plants there and also to have a place for seating and relaxation.

Balcony garden with wooden built-in bench planter

You can have a seating area in this place, but how? Well, you can have the wooden bench for seating on it and also use it for a home for your favourite flowers. Also, you can grow flowers on the wall and have a vertical wall garden. In this way, we revealed to you the secret of having a garden even in one small space.

Tiny balcony and garden design

The balcony flooring can be made of rocks and wood pavers and on the sides, you can plant the favourite flowers. Oh, if I just have this garden as a part of my apartment I will seat there with hours and admiring nature.

balcony garden

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Large rocks and wood balcony design

The feeling of having at least a tiny garden that you are taking for is priceless. Gardening can really extend your life, gardening can help you to continue life after depression or bad period. Combination of rocks, wood and flowers is always the trick of modern design.

Grow flowers on a balcony fence

Or, if you don’t have enough place for the flowers there, you can simply add flower pots on the balcony fences and to create one amazing window view. For example, you will wake up in the morning and your window view will offer you pink and fragrant flowers!!!

balcony fence with flowers

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Vertical garden on the terrace place

A vertical garden is a nice idea because the balcony looks like an organized place and also you have nature and flowers to care for. Or, if you don’t have enough place on the wall for this because you have a lot of windows, you can arrange flower pots on the flooring.

Wooden deck used as a balcony flooring

And the best idea for the end of this post! Wooden decks and pebble rocks are the very nice combination for every outdoor place, especially when we are talking about the balcony. Find inspiration in the photo below where you can see also a tiny place for creating a small garden.

Everything that is nice lasts short and this is the end of this post, so stay positive and keep following our posts, shared with love just for you, my dear friends! We respect your time!

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