Awesome Buildings Around the World

Awesome Buildings Around the World

December 20, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

World’s architecture is amazing and eyes catching. Hereinafter, we will try to give you the most awesome buildings around the world. Come on, let’s have fun together and to see the most amazing architectural buildings. If you have some extra free time, check our creative bricklayer who makes art by using stones, rocks and bricks. And now, let’s scroll down and see the construction of the best buildings.

Fish shaped office building in Hyderabad, town in India

In the first photo of this post you can see amazing office, fish shaped, placed in the town Hyderabad in India. Imagine how cool is to work in such a crazy place, you will wish to come here on work every day and you will never fed up.

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The Strawberry building placed in Bom Principio, Brazil

This interesting and fun building is placed in Bom Principio in Brazil and people also call it the land of strawberries. Let’s take a look in this construction that is fun and interesting.

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Teapot museum of tea culture placed in China

This is the largest teapot in the world that presents the culture of tea, place is in China is one of the most visited buildings around the world. How cool it would be to work in a factory that looks like this.

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Bangalore international convention centre

This is also one fun building that reminds on two books added one to another. Come on, take a look in this amazing building place in Bangalore.

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Dragon building in Thailand

This is an amazing building of dragon who is climbing the building. Probably this building is very interesting for children.

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Coffee cups on the building in Kapabashi street, Japan

And here we are again in the country of wonders, Japan. Look at this creative building decorated with coffee cups which make you feeling great.

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Unusual house in the world

And can you believe that someone lives in this house? Well, this is actually a home of a people who enjoy in modern exterior design each day of their life. Can you live in a house like this?

modern buildings
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Golden moon hotel in Dubai

And where can be placed this modern hotel unless in Dubai? Dubai is filled with modern architecture buildings. I will give everything to spend some time resting in this hotel and what about you?

golden hotel
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Montreal Biosphere (Canada)

This is Montreal biosphere placed in Canada and it’s one incredibly good looking building that people simply love it. This is the last photo of this post, I hope that our friendship was fun for you.

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This is the end of this post. I hope that you spend GREAT time with us looking for awesome architectural buildings. Feel free to share these ideas with your friends on social media. Thanks for your attention and keep following our website for more amazing ideas.

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