Author: Helen Olsson

8 Reasons Why You Should Start Jogging Every Day

January 10, 2019 Off

If you’ve been living a sedentary lifestyle but are keen to get fit this year, starting small will help you meet your weight-loss and fitness goals more easily. Jogging is great way to introduce your body to physical activity after a long gap, and it comes with a number of health benefits. It protects your…

By Helen Olsson

Bucharest – Lacking a Reason Not To Visit It

December 26, 2018 Off

Found through mysterious folklore tale. Lived for centuries in turbulent environment and transformations, and today became one of the tourist hotspots of Eastern Europe. Romanian capital hides some of the world’s most hidden treasures that millions of travelers annually discover in satisfaction. The land of Count Dracula is surely going to surprise you regardless of…

By Helen Olsson

Lisbon – The City of Seven Hills

December 19, 2018 Off

Situated on the gates of Europe the Portuguese capital hides some of the most appealing attractions on the “Old Continent”. It’s twenty million satisfied visitors annually who claim that they can’t wait to return once again. The international tourism community has been rewarding and distinguishing Lisbon as one of the best travel destinations in the…

By Helen Olsson

A Complete Cure For A Restless Soul

December 13, 2018 Off

The world we live in is simply a cycle. The so-called routines, traditions, and beliefs are blindly followed, leading you to get sucked into the rat race. The concept of a good life and happiness may differ from person to person. However, people are conditioned to believe that they can be happy only when they…

By Helen Olsson