Art Photographer Reveals The Beauty of This World

Art Photographer Reveals The Beauty of This World

September 16, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

I strongly beleive that this world is a beautiful place full of wonders and magic. The following gallery of shadow, photography art will ensure you in this! Dominic Liam is the art photographer for this incredible images showing to us the beauty of the shadows! Dominic Liam is born in the UK but went to Greece to study and become a Greek base artist. People call him ” The master of the shadow” because he knows how to combine the shadow with nature and silhouettes.  Probably he has used a photoshop because photos like this can’t be just taken but it must be somehow made by adding some effects, like darkening photo.

Check out the following selection of the best photo art and don’t forget to share it with your friends! Also, check about the photography tricks behind the scenes, thanks for your attention!

Photo Description: Little girl playing with the giraffe and the goat

Kids and animals are the cutest objects for photos. As we can see this shadow art shows the cuteness of little girl playing with a giraffe and goat, cuteness overload.

Photo Description: man is running away and trying to escape off birds that formed a  shape like a tiger

In this photo, a person wants to escape from birds flying in the direction of him. Interesting photography art that shows the beauty of the birds and the sky.

Photo description: a girl is dancing together with the birds

Birds love singing and dancing, especially if there is another person to make a company to them. This is one creative photo by the Greek artist, Dominic.

Photo Description: A man is drawing and nature helps him in doing that

Nature can be creative and to help with the drawing, nice photo shot.

Photo description: A shadow art of flamingo is the vision of this art photographer

With the photo Flamenco shadows, this photographer art has shown why is called the ”master of the shadows”.

Photo description: a shape of man created of flying birds

Birds are wonderful creatures!

Photo description: a photographer feeding the animals with the aim to get pictures of them

These cute animals are waiting for food by the photographer that tries to picture them!

Photo description: One couple in love is swinging on a swing, in nature

Love is in the air!

Photo description: friends are calling the birds to have fun together

Birds, fly in here to sing together!

Photo description: The cat, the birds and the friends

Swinging time with friends and the cat!

the cat

Photo via

Photo description: Friendship long talk while swinging in nature, the swing is hanged on a cliff above the water

Art photographer tries to show one big and long friendhsip.

Photo description: The coffee smell wakes up nature

The smell of a coffee is strong enough to wake up nature too. The last photo of this post, but not the last of Dominic’s photos. Follow our website where we will present you the second part of the shadow photography art!