Amazing Wooden Shelves for Modern Walls

Amazing Wooden Shelves for Modern Walls

August 11, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

Wooden shelves are one of the most impressive decorative elements we have at home and we use it. This is why our topic today will be about the shelves which help us to organize things at home and at the same time to have nice home decor.

Wooden shelves and wall paneling

Take a look in the very first photo from this post where you can see an incredibly great decoration used for the living room. If you wish to have the same design in your own living room, take a look in the photo and copy the idea.

wooden shelves
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Reuse the pallets for the corners of the walls

The first photo and the wall shelves were made out of the old pallets and in the second photo, we have again reuse of the pallets and exactly for the corners. Here on the shelves we can add things we have at home and wish to be seen by our friends and guests who are coming into the house.

pallet corner shelving
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Create a nice wooden vertical garden and find a home for all flowerpots here

In the third photo, we have again wood shelves and vertical holder for all flower pots you have at home. Why having flower pots on the interior floor when you can be organized and having one amazing and special garden that will be wooden! Spend some time to motivate yourself in the photo now.

wall shelves
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Wooden racks and wall shelves that are modern

In the next photo, we can see again closed shelves made from wood, also there is a place for racks. This is great, for example, you can organize all the plates you have in the kitchen and also hang the towels here. By the way, you will have nice decor at home, take a glance in the photo now.

closed wooden shelves
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Pallet shelving ideas for home decor

In the last photo, we can see an amazing pallet shelving again that looks like steps! This is a great design for the wall and we can all have it in our kitchen place. What do you think, what will be your choice from all these photos we shared with you in this post???

pallet shelving
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