Amazing Plastic Bottles Creations

Amazing Plastic Bottles Creations

December 25, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

Every object can be reused and transformed into art instead of throwing it into the bin. Today, our object for making crafts are plastic bottles that we can use for making different things. We can even make a boat and to travel around the river or some lake, we can make Christmas ornaments and decorate our home. Table lamps made of plastic bottles are also an option for recycling, and of course, there is another option where we can make window curtains and room divider by using the same material.

What follow next are amazing plastic bottles creations and your task is to take a look in the ideas! Recycle the plastic bottles and save the nature!

Boat made of plastic bottles that looks amazing

Imagine how time and patience these people needed to make a boat of plastic bottles. But they succeed in making it and to float with it and with this to recycle the old plastic bottles and not to harm the nature.

plastic bottles creations
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Plastic bottles little house

I haven’t seen such a beautiful house in my life, and you? This little house is made of small and big bottles joined together and here can perfectly live people. Or, it doesn’t have to be a house for living just a little vila for resting during the weekend and holidays.

plastic bottles house
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Make Christmas ornaments just by using plastic bottles

If you are still wondering which ornaments to make for a Christmas time, make this amazing craft and beautify the house walls or Christmas tree.

Christmas ornaments
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Creative handmade table lamp made of plastic bottles again

Creative handmade table lamps that you can easily make it in your free time. Bring the light in your home with this creation but first motivate yourself in the photo below, and also check the link below the photo.

table lamp handmade
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Make a curtains of plastic bottles and make your home magical place

Lovely curtains design that will beautify any window of your bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom place. every window needs special curtains like this, easy for maintaining and nice for looking in it.

curtains of plastic bottles
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Make a chair of cartoon and plastic bottles

Make a chair of bottles, follow the instructions that you can find on the link below. Motivate yourself! With a seating chair like this, you will wish to sit here all the time, to drink coffee and to read the favorite book.

seating chair
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Make a room divider just by using plastic bottles

Have you idea that there can be a room division into two rooms just by sing bottles. Take a look in this photo and find an idea for your office room and house place.

room divider
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Friends, check our last post about amazing wood reuse ideas that will help you to make another do it yourself ideas and to decorate your home in special way. thanks a lot for your minutes spent on our website!

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