Aluminum Foil Uses Will Surprise You

Aluminum Foil Uses Will Surprise You

March 22, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Good morning friends! Let’s start the day with our bright post, creative mind, and positive thoughts. We will start the day with aluminum foil uses that you haven’t the idea that it can be used until now. Spend some time with us and find out how to change your life, ease your work and everyday stuff with the use of aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil uses

Curl your hair with flat irons and foil

The very first use we will show you is about how to use the aluminum foil to curl your hair. If you thought that foil is used only to wrap food, you are wrong, because you can although curl your hair!

aluminium foil uses
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Cover the door candles when painting the door

Aluminum foil will help you to protect door candles when trying to paint the door in your room. See idea in the photo below and inspire yourself.

aluminium foil
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Clean the iron with aluminum foil

This is the third use that will ease your life and help you. Use this example and be a smart person.

aluminum foil
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It helps you to improve internet connection

It can also help you to improve your internet connection, I found this information on the net and haven’t idea about it. Wrap a little foil and place it next to router, plug and unplug the router and there you will have great wifi! What an amazing idea to ease your life and save you nerves!

aluminum foil foe wifi connection
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Apply aluminum foil on pencil and now use the phone

Have you tried sometimes to use the phone with a pencil? If you haven’t, try and find out that the phone isn’t functioning. But, it will be functioning if you apply aluminum foil on your phone as a mask. What a surprising fact but actually it’s the truth.

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Now when you know which are the aluminum foil uses, when going to the store make a reserve for your home. Thanks for your time, also CHECK useful information when planning a new home, house plans. Have a nice Sunday!