Affordable Pebble Garden Decor Ideas

Affordable Pebble Garden Decor Ideas

June 28, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Good evening dear friends. The weekend is ending now and we are to the end of this beautiful Sunday! Tomorrow is the first day of the next week and we want you to start the week with our ideas. All of it is amazing, so check about affordable pebble garden decor ideas!!!

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Affordable pebble garden with palm tree

Just plant palm trees and arrange the white rocks around the palm tree. Check the details in the first photo of the post now and find details for your own garden place.

pebble garden
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Arrange the flower pots and decorate with rocks

In the next photo, we can see how to arrange the pots in the middle of the garden and complete it with the decor with rocks. See idea number 2 from the post here.

pebble garden
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Affordable pebble garden

In the third idea we also have amazing idea that we can all afford it. It’s done with broken pots, pebble rocks in white colors and flowers.

garden decor
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Spilled flower pots with rocks

Create river with pebble rocks and also plant flowers here. With this, do the best decor you can do for the garden place. I invite you to see this idea and find some motivation to change the old garden look.

decor in garden
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This is how your dreamy garden can look like and this is also the last idea fro the post we had to share with you now. Thanks for your time.

affordable pebble garden
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What do you think, which of these ideas will be the perfect choice for your garden place decoration? Tell us in a comment below this post because we want to hear your opinion.