Add a Dash of Yellow Accent in Your Living Room

Add a Dash of Yellow Accent in Your Living Room

December 8, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

Some people simply prefer decorating the house in black and white, standard colours which are satisfying for them. I don’t want to say that the choice of this colours is bad, but with adding a vivid colour you can transform one living room from boring into the cheerful and vibrant room. You can add yellow accent in the living room, with a yellow sofa, yellow pillows, yellow floor lamps, curtains and carpet. All of this combination you can have the chance to see in the photos below that we shared to inspire you.

If you are in a dilemma which colour to choose for your living room area, let’s take a look in the following beautiful yellow accent living rooms that will help you with the choice IMMEDIATELY. Don’t forget to share the ideas with friends who are in plan to renew their home design!

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Yellow accent house walls – living room

Don’t be afraid to paint the living room walls in yellow colour and to bring the vividness in the same room. In the following photo, you can see that the best combination for home decor is made of two great colours, grey and yellow.

Yellow wall living room

In this photo, you can see a yellow wall but there is nothing more than this in the rest of the room. Just the wall is yellow and the room looks amazing.

Yellow, grey, black and white combination

Add a yellow sofa in the living room place and about the carpet, choose a black and white combination. See how will look all this in the photo below and copy the style for your house place. Inspire yourself in the photo below!

yellow sofa

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Choose a light yellow colour and create an elegant home

If you don’t want to add too much accent of the yellow colour, choose a light yellow colour and make this place elegantly and sensational. Add yellow sofa, yellow wall lamps and finish here, this is the design you’ve been dreaming for, isn’t it?

Add yellow curtains and carpet in the living room

What do you think of this design? Maybe there is too much accent of yellow? Yellow curtains, yellow carpet and pillows and many other decorative elements again in YELLOW. You don’t strictly need to copy the full design of this room for your house place, but you can just copy the colour of the carpet, curtains design. Take a look in the photo below and inspire yourself.

Black and white living room with yellow accent

As I mentioned in the introduction of this post, there are people who prefer the use of standard colours at home decor, black and white. But also there is a way to include the yellow colour in the design. For example, the yellow chair and pillows will refresh the room and with this, you can have a full design, modern and nice looking.