Absolutely Great Bulb Reuses

Absolutely Great Bulb Reuses

June 6, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Hey friends. Did you check our last post about perfect landscaping design ideas? If you already checked, now you have some free time to check our next post. The next post now will be about bulb reuses and I’m sure you have some time to see ideas. Spend some time and check it.

Bulb reuses – make a vase

In the first photo we can see how to make flower vase by reusing the old bulb. Never throw it away but give it new life to it, see the very first idea now.

bulb reuses
Photo via www.listennotes.com

Create vertical garden with bulbs

The next idea is about how to make vertical garden with bulb and here you can grow your plants and flowers. See the second idea of the post now.

bulb reuses
Photo via www.miniinthebox.com

Make fish aquarium in the bulb

The third idea is about how to make a fish aquarium in the bulb and here to give life to those cute little fish living here. See the idea now and make the same design in the home place.

perfect idea
Photo via www.gramho.com

Make a table lamp – bulb reuses

You can even make some flower vase for interior place and here to add your flowers. Add the flowers here and give a fresh area to your home with a nice fragrance. Take a glimpse of the idea now.

table vase with bulb
Photo via www.gramho.com

Make chandelier with bulbs

The next photo is about how to make a chandelier with bulbs and give new life to the bulbs. See the next photo and idea for you and it’s will be the en dof the post and the last idea we have to show you.

bulb chandelier
Photo via www.macgyverisms.wonderhowto.com

If you think that these reuses were useful and great, spend some time to share it with your friends that are in love with reusing staff. Now bye and have a very nice end of the week and GET REST>