A Dream House by Brian Burke Homes

A Dream House by Brian Burke Homes

February 11, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

Hey friends. This post is about dream house exterior design by Brian Burke homes. I invite you to spend a great time with us and to see what means to have a modern designed interior and exterior part of the house. But first of all, let me explain to you what kind of homes are these. Burke is the name of a family and they have a business for building houses with over 25 years experience in the building industry. Check the following solutions for home design designed by Brian.

Spend some time and check how to bring the spring in your garden place and share the ideas with friends who enjoy planting flowers and plants in their own garden place. Stay where you are and read the full text with the images!!!

Brian Burke homes, dream house exterior design

For the start of this post. Let’s first check the exterior part of the house that is designed by Brian Burke. the location of this house is in Perth, Australia. and it costs 3. 000 000 $. As you can see the house is large, the exterior part is also large. There is a front yard designed with stones flooring and planted green trees. Also, there is a large swimming pool which makes this house to be a dream house.

house exterior dream house, Burke homes
Photo via www.brianburkehomes.com.au

Contemporary mini garden in the exterior corner of the house that will take your breath away.

amazing indoor garden
Photo via www.intelligenthome.com.au

Brian Burke home living room design

When we have shown you the exterior part of the house, let’s peek inside of the house and give you excellent idea about the living room. To be honest, the design of the living room had surprised me a bit but it looks so stunning and contemporary!

living room
Photo via www.homedesignator.com

There is also an outdoor kitchen with the sea view! Who doesn’t want to cook and to see the sea? :)))))

interior kitchen
Photo via www.88designbox.com

TV stand design for the living room

Let’s see the other part of this room that will blow your mind. As you can see a simple design is something that looks modern and we all wish to have it in our home. This is soemthing idea that not every person can afford it but can wish it for sure.

Tv unit design
Photo via www.uslunecnice.info

Modern bathroom design

Take a look in the inside of the bathroom place designed by Brian. This is something lovely that every person will wish to have it in the home place.

modern bathroom
Photo via www.homedesignator.com
Photo via www.homedesignator.com

Here is the look of the enterainment room

When we have checked the look of the living room area, let’s see the entertainment room. This is the room that many people don’t pay attention to, but see how is the ideal solution for the look, due to Brian.

entertainment room
Photo via www.dailytelegraph.com.au

for the end of this post, let me wish you to have lovely start of the week and to stay with us in this week too because we will make your day positive with our ideas that are coming SOON! STAY WITH US!!!!