A Complete Guide to Interlocking PVC Floor Tiles Installation

A Complete Guide to Interlocking PVC Floor Tiles Installation

September 28, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

Floor made of interlocking PVC floor tile is a good choice for a garage, for a working place, for the cellar or for a stockroom. In the following, we will try to show you and explain you the steps about adding PVC floor tiles as a great solution for one flooring. Scroll down and see the complete guide that tells you what material to choose, what tools you will need and how much time you will need to make one amazing flooring of tiles.

How to instal interlocking PVC floor tiles

First of all, you need to measure the area and to count how many tiles you will need for the flooring installation. Add one tile in the middle of the floor and measure from the tile edges to the walls. At the end of measurements, you need to write equal measurements to both sides of the tiles to the walls. The tile layout is of the highest importance and the best choice of tiles is 5mm thick tiles. After buying the material and bringing at the place, you need to gather the needed tools. But, before installation make sure that the floor has no gaps or holes if it has you must fill it.

The needed tools for installation

Probably before the start of the process you are wondering what tools you will need for the installation. Now, your floor is equal and has no holes but what about the temperature inside of the room? These rooms are very cold and you will need to warm the room before installation of the tiles. When you are done with this, gather the tools. You will need measuring tape, metal ruler, rubber mallet, chalk line reel, double-sided tape for the edges of the tiles. Use a marker to mark the lines of the tiles place just to be sure that you won’t make a mistake. Scroll down and see the full process of installation.

For cutting the tiles use a Stanley knife or guillotine. There might some problem of installation near the doorway, but in this case, you may use double sided tape. Well, my friends, there is the solution to everything. With a little patience, you will have the best flooring for your garage or stockroom. Be patient and have the best flooring.

With little creativity, a complete guide, a material and a little free time you can have the best flooring for your garage. PVC floor tiles are the best solution for flooring places like this.


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I invite to check this video where we are taking you to go through the process of floor tiles installation in a small garage. Check it out this video that we found just for you!

I hope that you found this post informative and useful and you found an idea for your own flooring. Please also check about how to choose the suitable alfresco blinds for your house place.